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Quick Start

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Quick Start is our initial consultation service....

Quick Start

The aim of Quick Start is to establish, through a face to face exacting discussion with one of our independent professionals, the parameters and the viability of the business opportunity.

The discussion will cover, among other elements, the product or service you will provide, the market and its characteristics, proposed pricing and costs, scalability and funding requirements and will identify issues you will face if you go forward.

You will receive a written report covering our assessment of the opportunity you have identified. This report will enable you to make the key decision as to whether to move to the next stage and commit further time and financial resources.

“I had been thinking about my business idea for a number of years but really did not know where to start.. It was great to sit down and finally be able to discuss my idea and get some independent validation. I would recommend Quick Start to anyone in a similar position, the advice I received really helped me to focus my mind and plan a way forward." - John Mc Cormac

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