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STEP Programme Details

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

STEP - Our Startup Evaluation Programme takes your idea and makes it a reality..Read on to learn more..

STEP Programme

The Start Up Evaluation Programme is suitable for Entrepreneurs who have made the GO decision and are anxious to move to the next phase of planning their new business. The programme is designed to produce five significant outputs:

A medium- term Business Plan suitable for presentation to 3rd parties

An accompanying Financial Plan

An initial Funding Summary

An initial Equity Valuation of the business

An Action Plan to DAY 1 trading

Business Plan

This plan will include sections on Markets, Products, Marketing, Distribution, Manufacturing and Organisation requirements together with any other relevant matters.

Financial Plan

The Financial Plan will cover a time horizon of 3/5 years and include profitability statements, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow movements together with a Risk/Opportunity analysis.

Funding Summary

The Funding Summary will detail the initial capital and operating costs to be incurred (1) prior to trading and (2) post Day 1 until positive cash flow is achieved.

Equity Valuation

An initial Equity Valuation will be developed based on present value of future cash flows.

Action Plan to DAY 1 trading

The Action Plan will set out the various 3rd party and founder actions required to get to DAY 1 trading.

“STEP was exactly what I needed to get my business finally off the ground. I had spent lots of time agonising over business plans and spreadsheets. It was great to have tailored support and a timeline to produce the plans and documents required to move everything forward ” - Amy Farrell

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